Spider-Man Symbol Evolution
The Challenge
Being a lifetime fan of Marvel's Spider-Man character, I have read hundreds of comic books—from the early 1960s to present day—and experienced adaptations of the super-hero in a variety of media. I've always been fascinated with the evolution of Spider-Man's chest insignia through over 55 years of content. Unable to find an accurate and aesthetically pleasing graphic displaying this dynamic change, I endeavored to create an infographic compiling big trends and milestones for Spider-Man's symbol in comic books, TV shows, movies, and video games.
Going Viral
This infographic has become a widely shared image with millions of impressions across a variety of sharing and social media sites including Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest. It has been shared on Twitter by Bill Rosemann, the creative director of Marvel Entertainment, Insomniac Games, the developers of the 2018 smash-hit Playstation 4 Spider-Man game, and Dan Slott, the writer of the Spider-Man comics for over a decade. The graphic was also featured in an article by Jenna Anderson on Comicbook.com, a major news site for fans of comic books and their movie and TV adaptations. My infographic has been shared by comic book fan pages with huge followings, and many have engaged with this graphic in picking their favorites. This infographic started a conversation with hundreds of thousands of fans among Spider-Man fans and design lovers alike.
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